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News:  There is talk about a possible upcoming film about Bobby Winfield and his home town of Schenectady by Asian Producers.  We have been advised not to remove any of the story of the recent events. This has so fascinated the Japanese culture that there is a Media Frenzy over Bobby Winfield. So  the website posts as you see it will all be preserved through the next year.

September 29, 2007 - Breaking News: Bobby Winfield Fan Club Has just surpassed in the list of the top 10 most visited (non news) websites in the capital district for the last week of September 2007. bobby winfield is at number 9 and hubaknowsbest at 10.
October 07,2007 -  NEWS: is over. Sad News reported by Al Roni on WGY All the traffic to HubaknowsBest quickly ended. There is a rumour that the Mysterious Huba has been commited to a Mental Hospital. Details are sketchy one source had emailed from Prestige Services inc. that Huba is actually a "Kitchen busboy/dishwasher around 19 years old .We thought that was Hilarious but know its very unlikely as the writer at hubaknowsbest is obviously experienced in real world society issues and educated in Psychology and philosophy. Our leanings is that the real Huba  is perhaps an office worker that has  employees under him. If Huba is indeed in the Mental Hospital Perhaps when he gets out he can change His website too "" That one Bobby Winfeild came up with Last night!

October 10,2007 - Breaking News: Our email box has been flooded with advice requests. Bobby Winfield is very busy these days and will answer them when ever he feels like it... or perhaps never. (something he picked up from Anyways The first request Bobby decided to answer concerns One of many... written concerning the affairs that Huba, from the infamous, is conducting concerning his "chosen" lifestyle. Please click "Advice" Link to go to the bobbyknowsbest advice page.


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Bobby Winfield Schenectadys Newest Celebrity can be found nightly at this fine establishment. Come on down and Buy him a glass of Whiskey!

Bobby Winfield is Our Man! When he leaves the party is over. Bobby Winfield One of Schenectady's finest eaters and  drinkers. Hats Off to Bobby Winfield


Drunken Bob celebrates after having counted all his Money he earned after a collection fund to support his legal bills.
This all resulted after having been involved in an accident out in front of Clintons Ditch on Union Street.
Sometimes Drinking and Driving Really does Pay OFF!

Well after the Much successful Fund Drive for Our Hero Last Night after the final count a total of 44 thousand three hundred and 56 dollars was raised. After paying the fines and Lawyers Bobby should have at least 30 thousand Left over and His DWI will be abolished as if it never happened.
 Bobby tells us that today he received an additional 2 thousand 656 dollars in the mail. So going to that HubaKnowsBest website has really paid off for Bobby.
Many People have asked "Where is the Hubaknowsbest Advice columist?" Bobby tells us that He was very busy with his business ventures and couldn't drive down to the Fund raiser last night.
Bobby tells us he will  donate a thousand dollars to The Hubaknowsbest owners for their hard work and anyways he expects to rake in a large sum off of the upcoming Hubaknowsbest website Funddrive.
This morning 810 wgy's Al Roni Interviewed Bobby Winfield on the radio Bobby discussed  how he was discovered through the Hubaknowsbest website. Many callers flooded the airwaves and told of how they were recently excited by the Hubaknowsbest advice column.
Hubaknowsbest advice has a certain style and in your face attitude that is refreshing and needed today. It's sort of like having Steve "StoneCold" Austin giving you advice. Also the audience members tell of how they wait in anticipation on who will be given advice next from the guestbook.
Japanese Press will be flying Bobby to Tokyo and do a feature story about how an alcoholic can make it big in the USA.  Be sure to come back for updates on this breaking story.

Don't "Drink and Walk"  This is Truly Ironic

The following was taken verbatim from hubaknowsbest
the website with the answers you need

A  WITNESS Recounts What He Saw:
 I saw It! I saw it! They wanted You Huba! They were making weird noises like whoo Hooo Wwoo hoo hoo One guy was staring at his hand in front of his eyes as he wiggled his fingers and went into a trance and I was close by watching him.He was making those scary sounds! and he talked really funny. He was yelling out "You Neveayah Buy! You Neveayah Buy! Whatever that means. It was so scary like that movie "A Clockwork Orange". They all had on top hats as they began punching and kicking people in the nads. People were trying to get away but couldnt they were well trained in martial arts. One guy tried to stand up to him This guy Dirty Burt. He told them that he was a "Dustin Etan" and tried to intimidate them. The one guy Canton said "No Yer Not, I'm the Lone Carbine" and started slapping dirty burt and picked him up and threw him into a mudhole out behind Clintons Ditch. Funny it was a ditch but had water in it. Dirty Burt went under and we thought he drowned but he crawled out. Thats when everyone started fighting!

Was Bobby Winfield arrested last week because of his consumption of alcohol?
That is what you may have heard but not the full story.
Anyone who knows Bobby Winfield knows how funny he is and always the joker with his sense of humor.
It's when he uttered the following (all caught on police dashboard cam) that led to the hand cuffs and is where the whole court case began.
Officer 1: "Lets see your registration and License"
Bob Winfield: "Good evening Officers, I’m special agent Winfield I’ve been investigating a case where two dumb cops are arresting people on false charges. You guys wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, would you? I think I heard there were only two city police in this town…"
Officer 2: "Well looky here we have us a case of impersonation of the Law! step out of the vehicle."
Bobby Winfield: "Har Har Officers I was jus havin some fun. Look at what that lady did to my car. it was a yellow light and she stopped (Burp) (bob winfield falls down.)Thats when the cuffs went on Bobby.
(was this due to his previous injury? documented in the court hearing papers) 
 So the cops were just upset with his attempt of diffusing the situation. This is the strategy of Mr Winfield's lawyer. The judge has taken all this into consideration and it looks like th case of DWI will soon  be dismissed against Bobby Winfield.  EXHONERATED!

Note: Few do not know of Bobby Winfields background and why he is on disability and not able to work. go to the link and see official documents explaining the work history and injuries sustained of our beloved Bobby Winfield


Bobby is a complex man and his appetite for food and alcohol is legendary. When Bobby gets drinkin and eatin it can be quite a site. When Bobby sings his Kareoke he is also  most entertaining.


Bob Winfield was recently
On 810 Wgy with Al Roney
and talked about the 

Lots of entertainment at the Big Bobby Winfield Hubaknowsbest Drunk Fest.
Outside in front and out back of the Ditch a fun fight ensued.
A Very entertaining wrap up of the nights festivities. Our men in Blue visit and make some arrests, which is always fun to watch!


After the Big Brawl


A patron with a cell phone captures some of the aftermath.


The Landon Terrace Loonies return to Downtown Schenectady and leave behind evidence of their work.

Write to The Bobby Winfield Fanclub with your personal problems and see if Bobby will answer. We  will post your comments and His answers. Because of the many inquiries ( due to the recent media frenzy)  Please be patient for a reply.

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The Governor Visits Clintons Ditch in Support of Bobby Winfield


At the recent Party at Clintons Ditch Bobby Shares a glass of Whisky With his good friend The Spitzman!
Bobby became friends with the famous advocate for those with disababilities after a lawsuit. Bobby contacted his offices and there was an instant bond and friendship.

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Bobby Recently was introduced to Playing Video Games by Gene MacGuiness who brought down his new XBox 3 to Clinton's Ditch Bobby Got hooked right away. Here is Bobbys Favorite Game

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