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Today we received a Shocking piece of information. After drinking a Glass of WHISKEY Bobby Winfield wrote his advice.

name: a worried man

comment: huba is now a active member of the homosexual community he is a kingpin of the blythwood group known as the fudgies you must bring his sinful life style into the lite please help us bobby!

BobbyKnowsBest: Well, Well What do we have here? A "closetboy" a Feather duster? HmMMmm. Har Har! That is hailarious! No wonder why the limpwrist didnt encourage me with advice on how to attract women of the opposite sex! And he was also tellin everyone to lay off the homeoboys!  So Our Main man is an "ODD Wheel"?( GASP! ) EGADS!
Why That sounds like Richard Simmons talking!  What daya mean nothins wrong with it? Are Ya some kinda funny boy Huuhhh Huba? You got your panties all twisted up in the wrong places? Course theres somethin wrong with it!

Now lets begin with Wrasslin. You like to watch them men with their tighties all huggin and squeezin on eachother Right? You do seem to be quite OB Sessed with those almost nude men all oiled up and purdy lookin with their tanned bodies. Do you have a body like that HUBA? are you all tanned? Do you like to exercize? if not THEN Why you are starin at these guys all day? Hmmm...
(blank stare and a moment of silence)
Ya See, Huba "the pink Tuba" When people are all concerned about you like they have been lately It's for your own good. You have been attracting a lot of attention lately and you have also been messin up.
 So sometimes a boy like you is bound to wander off the "straight" and narrow. And YOU?...Boy... ANd HOW!  EEEk!
My advice to you Huba is to first stop watching all them men on TV doing that (wrasslin) with each other and get yourself out of the house and come  out and have a drink Down here AT CLINTOOONS DItch with Me, Bobby Winfield. I'll buy ya a Glass of Whiskey and introduce you to some of the bar fly chicks hangin around me all the time. I got's lotso cash and I like to spend it here at the Ditch.
 Boy! get yourself outta them Males Only, hands allgrabbin, nuttwistin, tight pants wearin, kissy clubs you like to go to. (Yuck!) ( YOU actually KISSED A FELLA ,or two three? an other STuuuuF!!!!!!)
You have just been smacked out into left field where all the weirdos hangout and it's a Home Run for Bobby Winfield. "the New Talk Of The Town" 
Youer Sooo Like yesterday! Get A reaal Job Ya Salami Slicin fudgepackin belly hangin chubby faced Wanker! SeeYa Huba!
Warning: We at Bobbyknowsbest get all of the latest scoops and Gossip and if we don't like ya we'll let ya have it good! Real Good!
Especialy if ya mess with our Pride and Joy Bobby "TheBoozeBrain" Winfield.
everyone tell Huba next time ya see him
"NO oNe Can Like Bobby Can"

Video: For Huba Coming Out Day!

Some Guy Named "Brucie" wrote and Left a nasty Message for Bobby Winfield. Seems Bobby disrespected  him and he/she was very upset.
 Brucie also demanded that we post this photo and invite Huba to come to their next party. Well We decided to post this photo to get Brucie, Hubas friend off our backs.


NAME: 17yearoldgirl:
a girlfriend sent me this video and this boy claims to be You! This boy is masquerading as You Bobby Winfield. Tell Me This isn't You Bobby Winfield!  He claims that He will Be on HubaKnowsbest Next  Week. Everyone Knows You are the Star of HubaKnowsbest! Can't Be You He Can't Be You Bobby Bobby. I am all confused and disillusioned.

BobbyKnowsBest: Har HaRrr That's a funny video it is obviously one of those goofy kids who are a fan of Bobby Winfield just bein all silly. No Thats not me It looks like some backwoods upin the hills livin poor pig farmers son. He is talking with a woman and treaten her right by yellin at her and puttin her down. The kid just might turn out okay in a few years... he looks like he's only about 14 so done worry "17yearoldgirl" its not me. No, Bobby Winfield is a Handsome strong and imtelligent sort of man not at all like the goofy child who did this hailarious video spoof. You go walk out to right  field where all the normal ones congregate sweety.

Okay my administator told me to have a second look at that video. So I drank down a Glass of Whiskey and watched. I must say I didnt catch it the first time. Here is what I saw. That little boy is acting like a little wussy pansy cryin like that. He is mentally unstable whoever he is. What kind of boy crys like that?

After much consideration and another Glass of Whiskey I remember someone that the boy in the first video reminded me of. Coulld it be Somehow? that these two are actually the same boy? Makes you wonder doesn't it?
It's Left field for the boy/boys in these two videos

Some of You Girls have been writing to Bobby Winfield in hopes that you can get to meet him. Some of you include photo's and some of you do not. If you want a response from Bobby Winfield You must include your photo no exceptions

Saundra Parola wrote that she desperately wants to meet Bobby Winfield. But upon looking at her Photo Bobby said "No" He said she wears too much makeup and has a phoney smile.

This Next girl has a chance with Bobby Winfield She explained that she was seeing someone recently but is getting real annoyed with him lately.


Another Girl wrote anonymonously that she would like to meet Bobby Winfield -She also sent in her picture.  Well Bobby took one look and said that he would Love to share a glass of whiskey with this girl whoever she is. So Miss Anonymous Get yourself down to Clintons Ditch one night and Bobby Winfield will be happy to oblige spendin some quality time with you.

Dirty Burt: Hey Bobby I want to Become a DustinEtan But I don't know where to begin. I have been running home after I leave Clintons Ditch every night. I want to be prepared for the Landon Terrace Loonies the next time I have a run in with them. Do you have any advice?
BobbyKnowsBest: Hmmm Let me get back to you on that one

THe Term "A Dustin Etan" Has been thrown around a lot lately and we at bobbywinfieldfanclub have been stumped. Then one of the regulars did a search on the web and found this video. Evidently Someone found out what A Dustin Etan is...
Dustin Etan Promo
85 x 100 - 2k - jpg